Public Good

Public good


The goal of the JoyID protocol is to address the challenges of account creation and usage in the Web3 world (JoyID Wallet is a frontend wallet implementation based on the JoyID protocol). We firmly believe that a decentralized, privacy-first, and self-sovereign Web3 world belongs not only to technical enthusiasts but to everyone. JoyID protocol, leveraging hardware encryption chips known as Security Enclaves found ubiquitously in end-user devices and smart contracts on blockchain, offers a user-friendly Web3 account solution that is accessible to all.

We aspire to establish JoyID protocol as the foundational infrastructure of the Web3 world, serving as a public good for the entire Web3 ecosystem, and committing to the following core values:

  • Independent of any centralized service
  • Agnostic to specific Web3 technologies or systems
  • Accessible to anyone without the need for permission or fees
  • Open for participation in ecosystem with rewards for contributors
  • Open-source
  • Owned by the community



The JoyID protocol primarily consists of two technical specifications: frontend key management and on-chain abstract accounts. The former is responsible for interfacing with the Passkey API of the system and implementing key derivation, while the latter is responsible for enabling decentralized authentication and key exchange among users' multiple devices. Any organization or individual can implement their own JoyID frontend and directly interact with on-chain abstract accounts.

Frontend applications that comply with the JoyID protocol can mutually authorize each other, eliminating the need for users to bind to a single service provider or domain. All the necessary user data is stored within smart contracts, thus making both the business logic and data flow independent of centralized services.


JoyID protocol is permissionless, meaning it doesn't require anyone's permission to use. This sets it apart from other solutions that rely on centralized hosting services or contract deployment keys.


Private keys are securely stored and processed within the user's device, making them inaccessible to third parties. Users have full ownership and control over their private keys, ensuring control over their decentralized assets, data, and identity.


The use of the JoyID protocol does not require users to provide any personal information, including but not limited to email addresses, phone numbers, credit card, KYC (Know Your Customer) information, and so on.


JoyID protocol is not limited to any specific blockchain or decentralized technology. It provides fundamental key management services, supporting a wide range of applications and technologies.



As a collectively owned and community-driven project, governance is of paramount importance. Community governance includes decisions related to trusted wallet frontends, supported blockchains, Web3 protocols, and integrated DeFi services. We emphasize active and transparent community participation in decision-making processes to ensure alignment with our collective vision. Security and risk management strategies are collaboratively developed, and our commitment to community governance drives growth, inclusivity, and adaptability within our project.

Contribution incentives

Within the JoyID ecosystem, a diverse array of roles plays a pivotal part in shaping its evolution. These roles encompass protocol developers, application integrators, traffic providers, end-users, and more. We are committed to designing a system that ensures each participant, particularly early contributors, receives proportional rewards commensurate with the project's expansion.

In this ecosystem, we prioritize fairness and inclusivity, ensuring that each participant, regardless of their role, enjoys a stake in the project's ongoing development. It is our unwavering commitment to foster an ecosystem where growth is synonymous with rewards, and early adopters are duly acknowledged for their contributions.

Growth flywheel

In the future, all wallet interfaces, dapps, token issuers, users, different chains or layers, and more will be welcomed as active participants in the JoyID protocol ecosystem. This inclusive approach allows anyone, irrespective of their background, to join and contribute their unique abilities. Together, we will form a dynamic and collaborative ecosystem, resembling a thriving flywheel. From a technical standpoint, the benefits and growth stemming from their contributions will be meticulously quantified. These quantifiable achievements will, in turn, be converted into additional incentives that benefit all stakeholders, fostering a self-reinforcing cycle of growth and innovation. This open and participatory ethos lies at the heart of what drives the realization of this powerful flywheel, creating a space where individual talents and collective efforts converge for the greater good.