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JoyID Wallet now extends its support to Telegram, a messaging app with over 800 million global users who are known for their affinity towards cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. Integrating with Telegram opens up a world of immense growth potential for your application.

Challenges with Telegram

While Telegram boasts a vast user base, it comes with inherent limitations, particularly concerning wallet functionalities. Telegram's internal bots and mini-apps restrict certain client side capabilities, such as WebSocket and Passkey, which are essential for comprehensive wallet functionality.

Innovative JoyID Approach

JoyID has devised an innovative solution that allows users to effortlessly create and utilize a non-custodial wallet within the Telegram ecosystem, bridging the mainstream blockchain landscape with the Telegram ecosystem.

joyid sdk for telegram

Telegram Mini App Resources

Valuable assets for developers and users interested in integrating JoyID into your Telegram Mini Apps.