JoyID is a web-based wallet solution that supports multiple blockchain networks and platforms and is designed to streamline the user experience for everyday users. Based on the FIDO Webauthn protocol (opens in a new tab) and utilizing Nervos CKB (opens in a new tab), users are able to open an account in seconds and manage their wallet using modern security technology such as Face ID and Touch ID. It eliminates the need for passwords or cumbersome mnemonic phrases. JoyID uses multiple devices and cutting edge account recovery methods to ensure all your tokens and NFTs remain secure no matter if you are a first time crypto user, or a battle scarred crypto veteran.

JoyID is designed to break down the barriers to the mass adoption of crypto wallets, making them truly easy to use and highly secure for all Web2 and Web3 users.

Why JoyID?

  • Eliminate Passwords and Mnemonics: You don't need to provide or remember any sensitive information to access your wallet. There are no passwords, no mnemonics, no emails, and no phone numbers. With JoyID, your devices and biometrics are all that's required.
  • Fully Non-Custodial: You always have complete control over your private keys and funds. Your wallet remains inaccessible to others without your biometric authentication.
  • Easy Backup and Recovery: JoyID simplifies account security with multiple backup methods. Options such as using multiple devices, blockchain wallets, social recovery, and passkeys allow for straightforward account recovery, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome mnemonic phrases.
  • Support for Multiple Chains: JoyID supports an ever-growing list of blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and more. Users can manage assets, including tokens and NFTs, across all supported chains.
  • Promote a Public Good: The JoyID Wallet is based on the JoyID protocol, an open and free standard, reinforcing our commitment to offering a public good for everyone's benefit.